Better For Everyone

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Caring resource for managers, staff and families

Better for Everyone was developed through the research project, 'Encouraging Best Practice in Residential Aged Care: Reducing behaviours of concern in residential aged care by working with staff, families and the physical environment'.

The project drew together existing research and applied the conclusions to communities of seven aged care facilities, to demonstrate the effectiveness of applying research findings to everyday life.

The existing research related to: 

  • the physical environment
  • staff knowledge
  • staff mentoring
  • family involvement.

This project resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the origins of behaviour considered to be "challenging", and the feelings associated with it, from the perspective of residents, staff, and families. Better for Everyone will help any care environment apply the lessons learned during the EBPRAC project.

Better for Everyone is a toolkit that shows how simple, evidence-based changes in four different areas of aged care can reduce distressed or changed behaviour in older people and people with dementia.

The areas of change are:

  • implementing a mentoring program
  • providing staff education
  • auditing and making changes to the physical environment
  • providing education and support to residents and families.