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Max and Abby

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Max and Abby is the story of Abby and her little brother Max who lives with Batten disease. Through Abby's eyes, we see how childhood dementia influences her relationship with her brother and parents as Max requires increasing care.

The book helps explain Batten disease and childhood dementia, and the challenging cognitive and physical changes that occur in children over time. It aims to start a discussion about the very normal feelings a sibling would have in this situation.

The book is authored by Dr Ineka Whiteman, Head of Medical & Scientific Affairs for the Batten Disease Support & Research Association Australia (BDRSA), and illustrated by previous DSA consultant Deborah Moore. The story is loosely based on the real-life experiences of two siblings by the same names, and influenced by experiences of parents, siblings and friends of children impacted by Batten disease.

Dementia Support Australia offers free nationwide specialised Childhood Dementia Support with trained consultants who understand childhood dementia and its related symptoms, the impact on the child living with dementia and their family and carers.